BUNTA: Change my underwear. bastard! What did you do with my underwear?? Where’re you going??
TAKUMI: Im going to school.
Going to school? You’re on summer vacation!
You’re never home. Are you a gigolo now? This is a woman’s underwear.

ITSUKI: You know what a god is? A god is human too, but he can do things other people can’t do. That’s a god. One year ago, that bitch of a principal expelled me! She said, “Itsuki, why don’t you just call yourself ‘trash’ instead?” And then it hit me. I have to tell the whole world
that I, Itsuki, am not a piece of trash.
I want to be a racer! And within a year, I’ve become the racing god of Mount Akina and leader of the Speedstars racing team.
TAKUMI: But you just got your driver’s license last year.
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

ITSUKI: That’s why I’m what people called “talents”. It’s simple, like drifting. You know how? At a turn, pull the handbrake to swing the car sideways.
How’s that? That’s cool!
TAKUMI: But… wouldn’t that slow the car down?
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

ITSUKI: How would you drift then?
TAKUMI: Just floor the gas pedal. Don’t slow down for the curve. Then reverse the steering wheel…
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

ITSUKI: What do you think? Join my team!
TAKUMI: But I don’t have a car.
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

ITSUKI: Why are you so nervous? You guys are close, huh?
ITSUKI: No? But I heard you had a fight over her with Bulldog from the other class.
TAKUMI: Time to go to work.
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

BUNTA: So, have you beaten a GTR at Mount Akina recently?
TAKUMI: I think so.
BUNTA: Was it fast?
TAKUMI: It’s seriously fast on straight roads, but it became real slow on corners.
BUNTA: You really found it slow?
TAKUMI: What do you wanna know?
BUNTA: Nothing. Just curious.
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

TAKUMI: Do you need your car this Sunday?
BUNTA: Yeah.
BUNTA: The market union is having a potluck. Wanna go?
TAKUMI: Count me out.
BUNTA: What a rude little brat.
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

ITSUKI: Takumi, it’s you? Where’s your dad? Uncle! Is he in the trunk?
TAKUMI: No. He told me to come.
ITSUKI: To do what? Deliver tofu??
TAKUMI: No, to race the GTR.
ITSUKI: You’re kidding! You don’t even know how to cut a corner! You’ll die!
TAKUMI: Don’t worry. I’ve been delivering tofu here for 5 years.
ITSUKI: I know, but you only got your license last year.
TAKUMI: I already beat him once.
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

NATSUKI: Where did you get those scars, Takumi?
TAKUMI: These scars are… They’re from my dad. Dad started drinking after mom left us. He’d beat me up whenever he’s drunk. Disgusting, huh?
NATSUKI: I think you look sexier that way. A real man gotta have a few scars on his body. I can’t stand those sissies with smooth skin! I really like this one here.
TAKUMI: I got that three years ago. This one is from last week.
NATSUKI: Does it hurt? And this one?
TAKUMI: That’s a mosquito bite.
NATSUKI: You’re such a kidder!
…Takumi Quotes Initial D

TAKUMI: We’re here.
NATSUKI: You’re a really good driver, Takumi. I always get carsick on long rides, but I didn’t even need to take my pills today.
TAKUMI: That’s good then.
NATSUKI: I had a great time today. Thanks a lot.

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