ITSUKI: One year ago, that bitch of a principal expelled me! She said, “Itsuki, why don’t you just call yourself ‘trash’ instead?” And then it hit me. I have to tell the whole world that I, Itsuki, am not a piece of trash. I want to be a racer! And within a year, I’ve become the racing god of Mount Akina and leader of the Speedstars racing team.
But you just got your driver’s license last year.
ITSUKI: That’s why I’m what people called “talents”. It’s simple, like drifting. You know how? At a turn, pull the handbrake to swing the car sideways. How’s that? That’s cool!
TAKUMI: But… wouldn’t that slow the car down?
ITSUKI: How would you drift then?
TAKUMI: Just floor the gas pedal. Don’t slow down for the curve. Then reverse the steering wheel…
ITSUKI: You do that and your ass will fly off the cliff! Forget it. We got our licenses together, but you still haven’t get behind the wheel. What do you think? Join my team!
TAKUMI: But I don’t have a car.
ITSUKI: Forget driving. You can wash my car! I’ll drive, and you’ll wash. We’ll have such a bright future! Here, bro. Cheers! Milk is good. Lots of calcium and protein. And it’s good for the eyes. A good racer needs good eyes.
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ITSUKI: Wanna go to a movie?
TAKUMI: I can’t. I have to work. Hey. Seen enough?
ITSUKI: Natsuki from Class 2B. She’s wearing white today.
TAKUMI: Having fun?
ITSUKI: Why are you so nervous? You guys are close, huh?
ITSUKI: No? But I heard you had a fight over her with Bulldog from the other class.
TAKUMI: Time to go to work.
ITSUKI: Right, time to get some cash from my old man too.
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ITSUKIWhat kind of a father are you, huh?! I only ask you for a million yen and you still say no? I’m telling you. You’ll be all alone in your old age!
ITSUKI DADI’m sure I’ll do just fine.
ITSUKIHow so? What if I leave you after I become the world champion?? 
ITSUKI DADI still have my gas station.
ITSUKIBut it will be mine anyway after you die! Fine, just take it out from my pay as an advance!
ITSUKI DADAn advance? Excluding the money I spent raising you, you’ve already borrowed 8,635,000 yen from me. An advance? What have you done, Mr. World Champion?
ITSUKII have no idea.
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TAKUMI: There’s a lot of them. Can you handle it?
ITSUKIDon’t worry. I’ll do my best.
TAKUMI: I have to be home by 3. My dad…you know what he’s like.
ITSUKISure. What? You nervous?
TAKUMI: Well… there’s a lot of people…
ITSUKILet’s hurry up. I gotta give my assistant a ride home.
You’re gonna take him along?
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ITSUKII know it sounds unbelievable, just like me standing here and talking to you, but the guy with the GTR did say that you beat him.
BUNTA: GTR? Is it very powerful?
ITSUKI350 horsepower, 4 wheel drive, fortified body… it’s Japan’s best race car!
BUNTA: So what?
ITSUKIJust go race with him for once.
BUNTA: It’s really hot.
ITSUKIIf you were my dad, I’d kick your ass!
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ITSUKITakumi, it’s you? Where’s your dad? Uncle! Is he in the trunk?
TAKUMI: No. He told me to come.
ITSUKITo do what? Deliver tofu??
TAKUMI: No, to race the GTR.
ITSUKIYou’re kidding! You don’t even know how to cut a corner! You’ll die!
TAKUMI: Don’t worry. I’ve been delivering tofu here for 5 years.
ITSUKII know, but you only got your license last year.
TAKUMI: I already beat him once.
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TAKUMI: What are we doing here?
ITSUKIYou said you’d teach me how to drive.
TAKUMI: When did I say that?
ITSUKIWho cares? I’m going to drive downhill as fast as I can. Give me a few pointers. Since I’m smart, I’m sure I can catch on fast.
TAKUMI: Let’s go then. It’s gonna be quick.
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ITSUKIMiya… That Kaiseki dinner was delicious, huh? Not bad.
MIYA: That’s good.
ITSUKIThanks so much for taking care of me while I puked for two days straight. You were like a goddess who saved me.
MIA: You’re nuts.
ITSUKII’m serious. I believe in gods. A god is human too, but he can do things other humans can’t do. That’s why he’s a god. But do you know that a god also have the same urges as us humans?
MIA: What’re you trying to say?
ITSUKIMost humans would… sometimes go to this love hotel and… Since you’re also in the “fill it up” business, Miya, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind…
MIA: Pervert!
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