FATTY: I know it sounds unbelievable, just like me standing here and talking to you, but the guy with the GTR did say that you beat him.

BUNTA: GTR? Is it very powerful?

FATTY: 350 horsepower, 4 wheel drive, fortified body… it’s Japan’s best race car!

BUNTA: So what?

FATTY: Just go race with him for once.

BUNTA: It’s really hot.

FATTY: If you were my dad, I’d kick your ass!

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

GASMAN: Hey, Tofuman!

BUNTA: What’s up, Gasman? 

GASMAN: I need you.

FATTY: What for?

GASMAN: I thought you might want a little fun.


BUNTA: How nice of you to ask me out tonight. So you’re not mad at me because I don’t go to your gas station?

GASMAN: I was only mad when you told everyone else not to come.

BUNTA: Because your gas was too expensive!

GASMAN: But my gas is better quality! 

BUNTA: So you asked me out to talk about gas?

BUNTA: You want these girls to test me out? I’ll show you!

GASMAN: I’m talking about you beating the GTR the other night.

BUNTA: That wasn’t me. I haven’t been delivering to Mount Akina for years.

GASMAN: So who was it then, a ghost?

BUNTA: That was my boy Takumi!

GASMAN: Takumi?

BUNTA: My hemorrhoids were hurting bad 5 years ago one night. The pain was excruciating. They were like this big!

So I asked my boy to do the deliveries for me.

GASMAN: But… he was barely 13 then.

I would just let him. In the beginning, he would leave home at 4, and get back home at 5:30. A year after that, he’d come back at 5:15, or even 5. Then two years later, he’s getting back by 4:30.

GASMAN: Within half an hour?! Including delivery??

BUNTA: Now it only takes him four and a half minutes to go around Mount Akina.

GASMAN: You’re telling me he’s never had an accident?

BUNTA: Of course not. One time, he was sleepy, so he floored the pedal and… All the tofu was crushed.

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

BUNTA: Put this there. Don’t spill a single drop, or I’ll kick your ass tonight. Now go. At first, it took him two hours to get back. Then it became one and a half hour. A month later, he was down to an hour. And then, it became half an hour. But I haven’t been timing him lately.

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

BUNTA: Get another one then.

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

GASMAN: Hey, Tofuman. Tofuman. So, what about the GTR? And who’s picking up the tab tonight?

Tofuman! You bastard!

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

BUNTA: Don’t answer it. Just some asshole. Hey! So you wanna use the car tomorrow? Go up to Mount Akina tonight. If you beat the GTR, then you can use my car tomorrow. With a full tank of gas! Super Unleaded too!

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

GASMAN: Hey, Tofuman.

BUNTA: If Takumi wins the GTR tonight, then your nightclub bill… I’ll…

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

BUNTA: What? You dropped your money?

BUNTA: It’s not just the suspension. I had to test the tires, the brakes, drive train, balance between front and rear… A month was about right.

TAKUMI: Is it really fun being a racer?

BUNTA: Why? You wanna be one?

TAKUMI: I dunno.

BUNTA: You dunno?

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

TAKUMI: My friend?

BUNTA: You don’t have to do that!

BUNTA: Please have some tea, Uncle.

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

BUNTA: Natsuki, where’s the dim sum?

NAKSUKI: I’ll get it for you.

BUNTA: It’s so nice having a girl in the house. Especially with a skirt like that! If only it’s two inches shorter…

…Bunta Fujiwara Quotes

BUNTA: Want some cheesecake? It’s delicious! Natsuki brought it for you.

TAKUMI: When was she here?

BUNTA: She’s going away for a couple of weeks, but she’ll call you later.

TAKUMI: What else did she say?

BUNTA: Was she supposed to say something else? Hey! Hey!! You’re gonna eat the whole cake?? You’ll stuff yourself to death!

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