Big Worm Quotes In The Movie: Friday(1995)

BIG WORM: What do you want?

KID 1: What you got?

BIG WORM: Boy what the fuck do you want?

KID 1: Give me some chili Fritos.

…Big worm

BIG WORM: Come here, come here!

SMOKEY: What’s up big perm, I mean big worm

BIG WORM: You saw that bud?

SMOKEY: I sold some of it.

BIG WORM: Well give me the rest, somebody wants a couple of 20s around the corner

SMOKEY: No, I’m just bullshitting. You know I sold that shit.

BIG WORM: Then count my money

KID 2: Hurry up!

SMOKEY: Don’t you see we handling grown-up business. Damn. Now shut the hell up.

BIG WORM: That’s 100 dollars, stop playing with me smokey

…Big worm

SMOKEY: You know what happened? You gonna laugh your ass up/ You know Craig? Craig got fired yesterday.

BIG WORM: What the fuck does that got to do with me?

SMOKEY: Let me explain. We was talking over all our problems right, and you know how we do it. We started getting high. We got fucked up.

BIG WORM: Look nigga, I’m gonna be here at 10’O clock on the dot. If you ain’t got my money or the bud, I’m killing you and him.

SMOKEY: You gonna kill me?

BIG WORM: Get the fuck outta my face.

SMOKEY: Back, back!.

…Big worm

KID 1: Can I have my chili Fritos?

BIG WORM: You can’t have shit! I’m closed Fat boy

KID 1: Then give me back my money back

BIG WORM: It’s my money.

…Big worm

SMOKEY: What’s up big worm

BIG WORM: How much you got left

SMOKEY: I got a lot

BIG WORM: You still ain’t sold that yet

SMOKEY: Mhen I’m trying to worm, niggas are broke these days

BIG WORM: You smoking my shit?

SMOKEY: Hell no!

SMOKEY: I will still from my mama before I mess with your shit, and you know this mhennn.

BIG WORM: We will see.

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