I have always been a big lover of quotes.

Back in the days I source quotes in every corner of the internet ;).

From quotes ranging from happiness quotes, inspirational, motivational, wishes, and so many others.

Instead of just sourcing for quotes and reading them, why not create a website where I research about the best quality ones and make other people who are also interested in quotes see them and get inspired.

And that was the main reason I created this website distinctquote.com.

I will keep sourcing for the best quotes on the internet for YOU!.

There are so many text quote available on the internet.

Instead of doing another quotes website with just text, we decided to use images so that anyone can save any particular quote they are interested in.

My goal for this website is for you to be inspired and be motivated.

I want this website to be a powerful community where only likemind individuals come together and help one another. This is my goal for this website.

No matter what you are going through, know that you ain’t alone.

And I want you to join me lets achieve that goal together.

Lets all be a positive light in this world.

I know what quotes can do and how powerful they can really change someone’s life.

I’ve been in that situation but quotes helped me.

So no matter what you are going through, you are not alone. Visit this website everyday to get inspired and with time and your help it will be a powerful community.

Have any suggestion or question for me? Then holla [email protected]